1. Trial and error of stocking my business ( Product Link Blog)

The everyday essentials in my business became a game of list- making, logistics, and traveling to random stores to find items.

These are not expensive items, but they will save your day!

During first months that we were open, we made trips almost daily to nearby stores. Sometimes, it was twice a day, then online to search!

I have been able to pare down my favorite items that are easily purchased and delivered at a decent price.

This blog will have links to the items that I have found to be reliable and necessary to have on hand. There will be follow up blogs for medical supply links.

1. Often, after a procedure I may send someone with a small container of sunscreen, such as dermablend to cover any redness or bruising. These plastic containers are exactly the right size for samples to last about 3- 4 applications.

Amazon description..."★-easily screws together for compact storage lotions etc, clear container ," These only hold 5grams, so they are quire small.

2. The Dermablend noted here is full coverage, and I usually buy it directly from the company website, not amazon. I also buy multiple shades so you can match the skin well. I don't sell it, so I do not have a wholesale link for you. 4 containers have lasted more than 6 months as a base for samples to send with clients.

3. These little spatulas are everything! These are much less expensive here than at the beauty supply house.

4. These 4 x 4 gauze wipes are the most comfortable on the skin. You can get a similar variety, lesser quality from medical supply stores. I find these the best for injectable procedures.

5. I know this sounds ridiculous, but you will be a very happy owner when you look for stickers and have them at your disposal. I have several sizes.

6. As nice as a white towel is, I like the dark version for client use. This brand is nice. We have several in white, which is why I recommend black.

7. These are nice little hand towels for the bathroom. We have one time use, and then they are put into a basket to be removed and washed. It helps to cut down on paper waste and it is a nice touch.

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