The Beginning: There are no dumb questions

I recall hearing these words in medical school; " There are no dumb questions."

Well, actually there are. I asked this of my chief resident, " Do we get weekends off?"

Much laughter and a few side eye glances later, I ended up with an extra call night and every weekend assigned to me. Hmmm.

But, I still ask all of the questions. You should too. If you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of research on lip filler techniques, complications and results, then good for you! You will become a better owner and injector for your patients.

The medical spa business has become more focused on invasive treatments and requires dedicated and continuing education. As such, it is vitally important that you spend a significant amount of time learning safe practices.

**There is no substitute for learning this material. There will be links added for CME in our member pages in the coming weeks.** You cannot pay someone to study it for you.

You are the expert and as a physician, you will be expected to be up to date and knowledgable about everything involved in aesthetic medicine.

I find it encouraging that my patients aren't scared of the risks and side effects of procedures when you expertly explain your process and understanding.

For example: Before ever touching a needle to a face, I discuss the anatomy, the vessels, risk of vascular occlusion and the dissolving process etc. I also discuss the CME that I may be reading at night.

It will never hurt you to study, but it may hurt your patient if you don't.

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