Welcome! This is a website that has been started to address a specific need amongst our colleagues.

When I fist began visiting a " medical spa" it was in 2007 for Botox. I had family photos taken and I saw that I had new some new wrinkles on my forehead. So, I began the search. I found a place nearby that had an RN owner and they did a good job. I noticed that they mentioned a medical director ( retired ) but I never saw or was examined by a physician. I didn't know that this was and is a requirement in most states.

I visited the spa about 4 times per year, for microdermabrasion, IPL and botox.

Over the years, I would visit the same spa and I never once saw the physician. They began to offer more invasive treatments and I studied these.

I felt comfortable with the procedures I had while I was an active client there. However, I decided to look for a physician for advanced aesthetic treatments such as filler.

My journey to find a physician injector was surprisingly difficult. Most practices were staffed with RN's. I think that RN's with appropriate physician oversight are perfectly capable of providing treatments. The problem is that many medical directors are not in the practice physically.

When I started to read and study aesthetic medicine, I needed hands-on training. I went to every available training I could find. Some were free, some were not. The vast majority of field trainers in the industry are nurses. I have learned something productive from every training that I have ever been to. I wanted more one on one hands- on training. I found some physicians willing to help. I found these experiences to be invaluable. I felt comfortable in the event of a complication and was prepared to begin injecting with confidence.

The art of aesthetic medicine is a combination of having an artistic eye and a mastery of invasive procedures. All procedures should be done with safety in the forefront.

I have successfully paired colleagues for one- on- one training. I have participated in this and been able to train with some amazing and well established physicians. Dr Humes has been an amazing mentor and coach, which has allowed me to become a successful business owner and mentor as well!

Stick around, the site is just getting exciting and we will have many options for you!

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* Links to specific sites for education and CME

* Coaching

* Mentorship and hands - on - training

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