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Beginner Physician Bootcamp

At our conference, we bring together physicians in the field of aesthetic medicine who are eager to enhance their skills and knowledge in a private and exclusive setting.

About the AIP Mentors Beginner Bootcamp

AIPMentors®: We are a brand of physician referral services and our aim is to match you with your peers in all aspects of aesthetic practice. We create hands on training programs for physicians, at any skill level, who are interested in the aesthetic medicine, business mentorship, financial guidance and support for success.

Expect to be treated with respect.
We are no longer in residency, and this is a voluntary attendance. AIPMentors will be sure to
wrap up in a timely manner and take time to get to know you.

Beginner Training Options:


How to begin your business (goal setting).


Leasing or buying a property.


Malpractice, and understanding your state laws.


Getting the right representatives.


SEO/social media; who is the face of your business?


Choosing your partners carefully.


Private Equity and franchising.


Expectation of training dollars to spend your first year.


Proper consent, photos, HIPAA is a real thing!


Model that fits your goals: Employees, contracts, getting reps and
company accounts started


Variety of practice model (e.g. aesthetician and salon based?
Surgical procedures? Skin care sales heavy? Off site management?)


Round Table discussions. Get to know your peers and support groups.


The basics of neurotoxins and real ROI for fillers, consumables and
rep friendliness.


You must take time to understand proper medical grade skin care and
when to refer to specialists.


Basics of different types of neurotoxins, their reward programs, and


Dermal filler basics.


Biostimulator introduction.


Lasers and purchasing strategies.


Complications and management: Prepare for emergencies. Staff
should be BLS certified. See List of Items to have available.


Basics of different types of neurotoxins, their reward programs, and


How to talk to and examine a client without offending them; It happens, listening is your most important skill here.

Physician Bootcamp Expectations

Our primary focus is on boosting confidence in injecting skills with dermal fillers, cannulas, and neurotoxins, ensuring that physicians attending the conference can deliver optimal results to their patients. We understand that mastering these techniques requires practice and guidance, which is why our conference takes place in a real aesthetic medicine practice, allowing attendees to learn in a thriving clinical setting.

In addition to practical skills, we also recognize the importance of staying updated with the latest industry trends and marketing strategies. To address this, we have included comprehensive sessions on advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and marketing techniques specifically tailored for aesthetic medicine practices. Our expert instructors will guide you through effective strategies to enhance your online presence and attract more patients.

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Why Attend AIP Mentors?

One of the distinctive features of our bootcamp is the opportunity for continuous mentorship, recognizing the significance of ongoing support and guidance in fostering professional growth and advancement. As a participant, you'll be able to develop a personalized mentorship program with seasoned physicians and experts in the field. This mentorship plan will offer continual support and direction well beyond the bootcamp, enabling you to hone your skills and navigate the challenges of your aesthetic medicine practice effectively.

Our bootcamp caters exclusively to experienced physicians in aesthetic medicine seeking to elevate their skills to a higher level. By attending our exclusive beginner-level aesthetic medicine bootcamp, you'll have the chance to refine your injecting techniques, enhance your understanding of laser safety, gain insights into advanced SEO and marketing strategies, and create a customized mentorship plan to foster ongoing professional development.

Emergency Preparation

Your most common scenario will be vascovagal syncope.

Make sure your BLS is up to date.

  1. 16+ Vials of hyaluronidase. Written out protocol will be sent to your email as part of the presentation.

  2. Have a binder ready at all times that is easy to find and follow instructions for all staff.

  3. Pulse ox is helpful for quickly checking a pulse, but your hand is faster.

  4. Cold Packs

  5. Warm Packs

  6. Sugary items, glucometer

  7. Epi-pens (2)

  8. Liquid Benadryl (po) or IM can be ordered to have on hand as well.

  9. AED- Recommend this if you are not close to EMS or you are doing any types of surgical procedures, IV therapy or liposuction.

  10. Refrigerator with temp gauge and log daily.

botox injections training.jpg
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