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Botox® Training

The cornerstone of most aesthetic medicine practices is neurotoxins, such as
Botox®, Dysport® and others.

Botox® Training for Beginners & Intermediate Physicians

The beginner to intermediate training client will often dip their toes into medical aesthetics with a treatment to reduce forehead lines. The basics of neurotoxin injection are provided by the company producing and selling the Botox®: These are on-label elementary webinars required by the companies in order to become a “certified” injector. The term “certified” simply means that you are provided with a certificate from company that states you can safely inject their products.


Neurotoxins are considered a prescription so this should be taken seriously. Good faith medical examinations and proper documentation are required.
Reading the package inserts, and understanding complications and contraindications is vitally important.

Botox® Injectors are Ubiquitous.

The pricing differences between practices can be
quite significant with some running large volume and low pricing or low volume and higher pricing. Then, there are those in between. Distinguishing your practice as a valuable option to clients who will become loyal to you is based on your expertise and patient results. Many treatments with Botox® are “off label” which means that you will stand out as an injector or practice when you can offer advanced anatomy-based treatments to your patients.


The formulas provided by the supply companies, such as Allergan and Galderma, are very structured and you will find that the dosages advertised are not applicable for every patient due to unique anatomical differences.
Some clients as young as 30 may not be able to tolerate more that 4 units in their frontalis muscle. Some may be more likely to develop ptosis if you follow “on label” instructions without understanding the nuances that distinguish patient anatomy.

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Why Attend AIP Mentors?

The best result you can give your patients will be understanding their anatomy and perfecting their best plan of injection. (e.g., Gummy smile correction is a satisfying treatment for the right person.) Different brands of neurotoxins have properties that distinguish their onset of action, discernment of toxin and duration of action. Reconstitution of neurotoxin units also differs among areas of the face and neck as well as between physicians.

Finally, depth of placement is as important as knowing which muscles to inject, how to dose and when to follow up with your patients. Some areas need intradermal injection, and some are deeper. Making a mistake will lead to disappointment with abnormal smiles, dropped brows or eyelids. Luckily it is a complication that will resolve. It is better to understand advanced neurotoxin injections than to try to fix an adverse event later.

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